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Insurance Defense Representation

The law firm of Hawkins Melendrez, PC, is devoted to resolving insurance and insurance defense claims for clients in the Las Vegas area and across Nevada.

Our legal team is highly experienced, with more than 40 combined years of experience, and is comprised of attorneys who have been rated by Super Lawyers, The American Registry, as well as those who represented clients in complex matters across a wide range of insurance defense cases.

Our clients include governmental agencies, insurance carriers and their insureds, third-party administrators self-insured groups.

Our Approach

Our attorneys are known for their emphasis on communication, service, ethics, and professional courtesy. We aim to earn and maintain the respect of our clients, colleagues, and the legal community in delivering superior legal support and assistance with your claim disputes and litigation.

We are committed to the investment of time, money, energy, and resources as an integral part of our practice in order to provide the highest quality of legal representation needed in this field.

Litigation Due Diligence

We engage in pre-lawsuit mediation, thorough investigation into claims, and other effective strategies to save minimize the expense of litigation. Where these methods do not resolve the issue and a trial is necessary, our attorneys are seasoned veterans in the courtroom with hard-won skills and abilities that can be used to take your case to a favorable outcome.

Whatever type of insurance defense matter you face, the firm offers a proven track record of success that underscores its commitment to positive results.

Defense For Insurance Companies

Whether you are an insurance company or an insured, Hawkins Melendrez, PC, can provide you with the high-quality legal service and advocacy you need to resolve your case quickly and effectively.

Our attorneys have more than 40 combined years of experience and knowledge about the insurance field, which they use to analyze and resolve a wide range of personal injury and property damage claims – among other types of insurance claims – against insurance carriers.

General Liability Defense

The firm’s civil litigation practice provides representation to businesses and employers in state and federal court in a variety of lawsuits including claims for automobile liability, negligent security, wrongful death, premises liability, negligence, discrimination, sexual harassment, non-compete agreements, and wage and hour claims.

Our general liability team has over a decade of mediation, arbitration, and civil trial experience.

Automobile Liability

Automobile liability claims made against insurance companies and their insureds may include personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death claims stemming from all types of motor vehicle accidents. The firm employs its many legal resources to investigate such claims and develop well-planned legal strategies to effectively defend against them.

Contact Us

If you are facing litigation because of an insurance matter legal counsel in Nevada or need local counsel for a court appearance, call our Las Vegas office at or send us an email.